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New Tire Installation

The tires on your vehicle are one of the most important things and also one of the most overlooked. Buying new tires is something most people do not take seriously and think they can continue to put it off. This is a dangerous idea as tires are what keep your vehicle on the road at all times, damaged or worn tires should be replaced.

If you are unsure on your tires, stop by the shop and we will take a look and give you our honest opinion. Rich's Garage will give you different choices on what type of tire you need for your vehicle that fits within your budget. We can order just about any type of tire for your car, truck or SUV. All tires are balanced before installation to ensure the best possible performance and come with a manufactures warranty.

Importance Of Snow Tires

Snow tires are one of the best ways to keep you and your family safe on the road during the winter months. Snow tires are made with different compounds then your normal tire that give you better traction and handling on snow and ice covered roads. Without snow tires you are more likely to lose control around a corner or have trouble going up a steep hill. The investment in getting snow tires for your automobile is worth it as they can be reused the following year if stored properly.

Rich's garage will install your snow tires and have your vehicle ready for those icy conditions. When spring arrives and the snow and ice have melted, bring your vehicle back with your old tires and we will swap them out for you.

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